Vie est Belle.

I did a lot of livin' in the past 6 minutes.


Trial of Al Jazeera staff resumes in Egypt

Three out of four Al Jazeera journalists jailed in Egypt are set to appear in court on Wednesday.
Al Jazeera English journalists face charges of spreading false news and belonging to a “terrorist group.”
Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed appeared in court for the first time on Feb. 21 but their trial was then adjourned to March 5.
Al Jazeera English correspondent Greste, an award-winning journalist, Egypt bureau chief Fahmy and producer Mohamed were arrested on Dec. 29, taken from their hotel in Cairo, and accused of spreading false news and belonging to a “terrorist group.”

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Work, school, repeat. Extreme gratitude for having the greatest teammate in the world. My support system is humbling to say the least.

Watching my Dad and Kim cook together is indescribable. This is how it’s supposed to be.


Mussels.  It’s what’s for dinner.
My <3 (at TK Bitterman’s)
Let them eat COOKIE cake.
Today’s gift is a huge bottle of my favorite cleanser…from my favorite store. #sephora.  Love this man.
Another gift.  This man knows me too well.
What a sweet surprise.  Love that he designed the card…and plastered his handwriting on the front too.  #realtalk #vd24/7/365